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Mexican Tile Mural painting

Mexican folk art and handicraft is an exclusive and unique collection of items that can be used for utilitarian and decorative purposes. At La Cucaracha De Tubac, we sell a vast variety of Mexican folk art items, such as paintings, metal folk art, and more.


Get your hands on some rare pieces of handicraft from our store located at 18 Tubac Road. You'll love our "Day of the Dead" collection too. We can ship anywhere in the US. We're a family owned business with 30 years of experience in selling home furnishings.

Get your hands on some exquisite Mexican folk art items

Drop by our store for custom wrought iron pieces and more

Allow us to provide you with custom wrought iron pieces that suit your choice and preferences. You'll also find a wide choice of metal folk art and mirrors at our store. The types of mirrors that we sell include:

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  • Tin mirrors

  • Copper mirrors

  • Mesquite mirrors

Bring home a part of Mexico’s artesanía tradition