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If you love decorating your lovely home with one-of-a-kind home decor items, you should visit La Cucaracha De Tubac. We take pride in our select range of home decor products, which includes everything that can make your home look beautiful.


From vases to lighting fixtures, we have a lot of decorative home decor items made from quality materials. You'll be happy to know that we have over 30 years of experience in this business and we promise that we'll stand behind the quality of our products.

Top-of-the-line home decor items on sale

Beautiful chandeliers, luminaria, lamp shades, and more

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  • Glassware

  • Candles, candlesticks, and luminaria

  • Tin decor items

  • Vases

  • Dining table sets from Guadalajara, Mexico

  • Placemats

  • Masks

  • Custom-made tin fixtures

  • Wrought iron chandeliers

  • Wrought iron table ends

  • Tin sconces

  • Lamp shades

  • Lamps

  • Variety of tin stars

Accentuate the interior of your home